Love Letters to My Girls - An Anthology by Black Women for Black Women & Girls

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Inspire. Uplift. Motivate. Encourage.
These letters – written by over 100 Black women and girls, will do just that.  Drawing from personal experiences, emotional hardships, desires of the heart, and victories; our sisters share words that will help you recognize your natural beauty, remember the strength and resilience that resides within you and realize your potential and power.

Each letter will meet you where you are, when you need it, and help you to see you for who you really are – brilliant, valuable, worthy, loveable, loved, powerful, bold, fearless, a fighter, a difference-maker, and vulnerable, yet strong. This is who you are – who you really are.  These letters testify to the truth of who you are. Read it. Feel it. Be fueled by it, then go light up the world with all of your magnificent color.

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